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RA500379 Wild Hunt 18 shots 500 Gram Cake Assortment

Wild Hunt RA500379 Raccoon Fireworks 2021 New Product 18 shots
Tiger Curse: Outstanding red,white,blue 3-layer mines to gold spider with purple and green strobe,red green and sea blue,yellow crackling palm.
Bear Crawl: Gorgeous green,blue and gold strobing 3-layer mines to pink, sea blue and gold glitters, nishiki willow w/ blue and red plum, gold plum and silver chrysanthmum.
Jaguar roars will wake you up with beautiful 3-layer mines and crackling willow with red,sea blue,green,yellow.
Lion Thread: Feel the force from lion threat with ghost 3-layer mines to 3 color changing breaks.
  • RA500379
  • HS36041000



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Office Add: 204, Unit 4, HengdaHuafu,Liuyang City, Hunan, China